The Middle English Translation of Gower’s Traitie and the Ballad in England

The Middle English Translation of Gower’s Traitie and the Ballad in England
Philip Knox, U of Oxford
doctoral student
authorship and reception of Roman de la Rose in 14th C England
paper coming out in Notes and Queries

in final leaves, XXX contains a 15th C x dialect translation of Traitie

translator self-identified as Quixley

how far a works form can be seen as integral to its meaning?
translational praxis influenced by theoretical assumptions, if not theories?

elaborate patterns of rhyme songs

English ballad in 14th C was characterized by translation, France -> England -> France again

volley against a French guy,
Arch Butterfield’s excellent study in A Familiar Enemy

ballads bouncing to and fro across the channel

Minos trapped Echo, but Echo trapped Narcissus in self-adoration.

John of Gaunt translation.
poet sends his work to his translator…

Chaucer has issues with rhyming English ballads.

widespread lyrical discussion, blurring lines between lyric and narrative
From Song to Book (about French experience of same argument)

monologic, didactic treatise
moralizes the ballad
Quitidian reality of illicit sex and marital faithfulness…

revolutionizes the envoie’s subjectivity in Gower’s Traitié
“to the university of the whole world”
How would Gower have pronounced his own name in French?

What should we think of Quixley’s translation? of the movement from France, to London, to Yorkshire?

Were literate priests losing French in 15th C in Yorkshire?

interesting light cast on work if consider Speculum vitae… “In Inglische tunge”
to him that readeth this work…

Quixley replaces Gower’s line of “to the university of the world” with “that you may come when you heathen wende, to the blisse that is withouten end.”

Ballad a form characterized by translation.
Ballad often identified its status as sent to a single person (though perhaps sent to a literate elite).

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