Summer Schedule

Is your summer schedule already out the window? Mine is.

I was going to spend two weeks finishing my dissertation for publication and get it out of my hair and to the editors.

Then I found out that I had an opportunity to publish a presentation and worked on making it publishable. After I finished, including translating it into a different stylesheet, I thought that I could probably get the work published in a better venue. So now I haven’t sent it either place as I wrestle with that question.

Add to that four days of sickness and I am so far behind I feel like the summer may be over before I start working. That right there tells you 1) I am over-dramatizing and 2) I am not paying attention to what I have done.

So, I have been keeping a list.

In the last 2 weeks:
9 hours on dissertation rewrite
5 hours on thesis direction
2 hours on email (related to work)
2 hours on Faculty Goals, and sent in (due June 1)
13 hours on presentation to paper
Worked on TCE for 1.5 hours.
Worked on iBooks Author paper for SCMLA 1.5 hours.
Read 20 novels for fun. Re-read 4 of those novels.
Went to see the new Star Trek movie.
Spent a weekend away with my husband.
Attended one day of Comic Con in Dallas.
Spent an evening at a friend’s house and played my first ever pool volleyball.

During my “vacation,” I have spent 36 hours on work in the last two weeks. It is not as much as I expected I would get done, but it is still significant.

That’s what I need to do, keep making a list and checking it twice/twenty times.

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