August Postcard Poetry Fest

It’s coming up!

Basically you put your name on a list, then write a poem a day for a month. Each day you send a different person a postcard with a new poem on it. Here’s the post about it.

I got involved with it last year and had a blast. I spent this past year searching out post cards, both new and vintage, in order to have something inspired or inspiring for this year’s writing exercise.

Just in case you are considering it, the poems I received were very well done. I enjoyed them immensely. I also enjoyed seeing whether the poems and postcards were related. Sometimes they were. One person typed and glued their poem onto the postcard. One poet and child decorated the postcards for mailing.

It’s fun.

Deadline is July 30th, but you would be better off to have emailed by July 16th. (That way you won’t forget and get left out!)

I wish there were a version of this for Creative Writing classes in college every fall or spring. Wouldn’t that be a blast?

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