iBooks Syllabi

I created two of my syllabi using iBooks and then saved them as PDFs. They look good. (Not as amazing as an actual book, but good.)

I had fun thinking of visual rhetoric connections to choose the pictures for the grad class in rhetoric. (rhetoric = bridge, sparklers, ripples on the surface…)

Daniel Schwen WC CC3
Daniel Schwen WC CC3

I know that making a beautiful syllabus isn’t necessarily the most productive use of my time, but it was a fun (and fairly simple, since I already know iBooks) way to make the document design more interesting for the students.

Since I worked on them both late at night (I decided to do them last night around 10), the repeat of one page wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened. I fixed that and, while they are still not the most beautiful syllabi on our campus (and I wish I knew HOW he made his that amazing), they are good looking.

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