Young, Becker, and Pike Heuristic

In the rhetoric class we were talking about heuristics and I remembered the tagmemic grid these scholars presented. So I looked them up and sent the student who was interested the following:

Rhetoric: Discovery and Change consequently defines composing in terms of four components: (1) preparation; (2) incubation; (3) illumination; and (4) verification. In the preparation stage, a writer seeks to identify and explore the nature of a problem or felt dissonance, and is assisted by systematic heuristic inquiry, exemplified in the textbook by the “tagmemic discovery matrix.” This nine-celled, multiperspectival grid has become well known apart from the textbook, offering users particle, wave, and field views of data arrayed according to its contrastive/identificational features, its range of variation, and its distribution in context.”
link for above quote

Young, Becker, and Pike’s tagmemic grid for invention

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