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Dandelion Journal Vol. 5, No. 1 (2014)
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The Dandelion editors seek submissions on the theme of VIOLENCE for their forthcoming issue. Deadline: 13th January 2014.

The concept of violence continues to return as a site of struggle in contemporary discourse. At times of popular discontent and international conflict, the way the meaning of violence is constructed as a cultural phenomenon becomes a pressing concern. What routes are open to the arts and humanities for critical engagement with violence and its innumerable impacts?

This journal invites submissions which engage with questions of violence in aesthetics, in representation, in philosophy, in political struggle, in public discourse, as well as considerations of violence and trauma in wider contexts of global conflict. Now, it seems to us, is the moment to consider this line of questioning: this is violence’s issue.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

• Political violence
• Terror and terrorism
• The body in pain
• Violence and aesthetics
• Censorship and/ or linguistic violence
• Violence represented/ memorialised
• Systemic violence
• Violence and history
• Violence and the conditions of labour
• The psychology of violence (e.g. PTSD)
• Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence
• Pacifism
• Hyper-violence (and the cinema)
• Slow violence

We welcome short articles of 3000-5000 words, long articles of 5000-8000 words and critical reviews of books/ films/ exhibitions/ shows. We also strongly encourage submissions of artwork including visual art; creative writing; podcasts and video footage (up to 10 mins).

We would be happy to discuss ideas for submissions with interested authors prior to the submissions deadline.

We welcome submissions from doctoral students, early career researchers, established academics and independent practitioners, working chiefly within the arts and humanities.

Please email submissions by 13 January 2014 to the editors: or submit through the Dandelion website.

Please include a 50-word author biography and a 200-300-word abstract alongside your submission. All referencing and style is required in full MHRA format as a condition of publication and submitted articles should be academically rigorous and ready for immediate publication. Complete instructions for submissions can be found at under ‘About’.

The next issue of Dandelion, themed around ECOLOGY, will be launched in December and accessible at

Dandelion is an online postgraduate journal affiliated with the Birkbeck School of Arts, and is supported by Roberts Funding and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Dandelion aims to bring together a diversity of works from researchers in the arts, to offer collaborative research and training possibilities, and to promote an independent, cross-institutional space for creative professional development.

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