I give my students 2 points if they correctly use a word I do not know in a paper. I’ve seen some interesting words this week.

I have a hard time remembering them, however, which means that my students could re-use them… Don’t tell them!

I looked some up on Google:

procrustean: (esp. of a framework or system) enforcing uniformity without regard for the variety of the individual… So our education system is fairly procrustean.

velleity: a wish or desire not strong enough to lead to action

traduce: speak negatively (truthfully or untruthfully) so as to damage their reputation

image from literacybeat.wordpress.png
image from literacybeat.wordpress.png

Previous words featured here include:
ambit, croggled, and gaumy

I do now remember neoteric, amanuensis, and xanthic.

My son is looking for vocabulary words I don’t know. The problem is that he would like to share them with his roommate, who will be in my class next semester… However, it does mean I will learn a lot of new words next semester.

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