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Happy FaceSomewhere along the way in my career, someone suggested keeping a “Happy File” or “Gold Star” file, where I put all the nice things (notes, comments, emails) that students send me about my classes. They also suggested keeping it handy and opening it up and reading it whenever the semester becomes overwhelming.

I have haphazardly done this. (Meaning I have about ten things in the happy file, which is about two semester’s worth of stuff–at most.)

So this semester I thought I would put all the email comments online where I can find them easily. I may start a new category called Happy File, too.

Here is what students from my Brit lit class had to say:

I really enjoyed your class and having you as a professor. You have been great!

You are an amazing professor! I thoroughly enjoyed your class! I cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful professor! I hope you have a blessed break and hope to see you around campus!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your class. I have definitely learned a lot.

I enjoyed the class all throughout the year, and I know some of these stories I read and did an LA over will always stick with me. There were a lot of stories this year that had good meanings and themes behind it and that was something I loved.

Really enjoyed your class this year! I learned a lot for sure.

I really enjoyed having you as a teacher. You made English fun for a science major. As I may not see you again, I wanted to say thank you for the effort that you put into this class.

Thank you, Dr. Davis, so much. You stuck with me the whole time and means a lot!

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