CFPs for Creative Writing

Hartskill Review

Submissions should meet the following criteria:

-Submit 1-3 poems at a time.
-Gather your submission into one file.
-Poems should be single spaced on the page.
-Submit rich, complex, and ambitious poems that reward repeated readings.
-Submit poems that mean something to you and stand a chance of meaning something to others.
-Simultaneous submissions are okay (but please notify us if accepted elsewhere).
-Please include a short biographical note about yourself and your work.

Responds in 1-4 weeks.

Hartskill Review website:

The Waggle

We are looking for

1. Fiction (max 3000 words): stories should be well-crafted, carefully created, and aware of the power of their language. Shorter works such as flash fiction and postcard stories (under 250 words) are particularly encouraged.

2. Poetry (submit no more than 5 poems/100 lines): both conventional and unconventional/experimental poems are welcomed.

3. Hybrid works (max 1000 words): open letters, short satirical pieces, and other oddities. Short, clear, and (if possible) funny.

4. Creative non-fiction (max 3000 words): may include journalism, memoir, personal accounts of events, travels, and personal essays. Submissions dealing with the Peace Region are particularly encouraged.

5. Reviews (max 500 words) of non-mainstream literature, art, and music, including online works are welcomed.

Submit work by e-mail:

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