SwTxPCA: Science Fiction Fantasy and First Year Comp

pigs don’t need lipstick.
They are engaging and sexy.
Want to argue that the proper study of fyc is fyc. We want to argue that study be of writing, but help students make interesting use of texts. Pop culture can help support this study.

Not a template, to replicate, but as a map.

relationship pop cul and fyc

California’s test 50-80% of students are “developmental, remedial, or ‘not ready’”
stretch programs, 10-30 weeks of text work, not labeled remedial

language of remediation continues to be imposed within the academy

reading and producing texts, unevenly distributed text…

students categorized as remedial.
continues to mark students and their writing as remedial, even in non-remedial courses
pushing them to stretch conceptions and about institutional language

ses-differentiated high school principles

Suzanne Collins “Hunger Games” and remedial language about fyc

label students accurately, simply as writers

when pop culture acts as space for student writers, creates them as scholars.

planned first 10 weeks
“remedial” but what does that mean?
assumed students needed help getting to college levels
were not too thrilled about reading peer-reviewed studies (grad reading)

1st year first year writing contest
“successful elimination of remedial classes”
students were in the class, said they were still remedial, encouraged them to research and argue the labeling of students at university level

learned I had never given much thought to identification of remedial
Arturo won the 2nd year first year writing contest

grammar improves with writing…
mechanics mattered most when meaning and expression mattered most

students were ready to move on from remediation
Shirley Jackson’s “Lottery” –way to question their blind adherence to rules
had students throw out ideas, Hunger Games read the book and watch the movie

student-planned topic that students were enthusiastic about
YA book
was I sacrificing “college level” to the YA book?
assigned book on their own
asked them to read very advanced secondary sources

book highlights fear of service registration for
Chapman’s What Novels Can Do that Films Can’t and Vice Versa

beyond impressed in 3rd
Michel Foucault’s Panocuism?
students applied readings from earlier quarters to Hunger Games

Student paper points:
money and power = privilege
more privilege = better likelihood to survive
SES study different SES levels are being taught at their own SES level. Working class education. Follow steps. Do the assignment.
Rich students do high academic quality, advanced reading and writing.

lowest group learned to follow directions and be at mercy at other people
set up for low-paying jobs

She compared it to Hunger Games.

Next student:
Michel Foucault’s Punishment…

rules kept people afraid
piece had connections to academics and life

my education had taught me to learn and follow rules

machine, one is totally seen without ever seeing

ESL student in K-12. “Needed to know and speak language better.”
Spanish wasn’t an advantage.

remedial or low GPA or …
normal v abnormal

If you are considered ESL, taken out of class. Tested on material unrelated to non-ESL. Remedial has to “fix” you because you aren’t college level. GPA needs to be fixed because not acceptable.

everything in education is abnormal, seen as needing fixed

academia can discourage in its attempt to fix

When the students were passionate on their points, their grammar was pristine.
They owned the information.

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