CCTE: Creative Writing

Trudi Beckman
“Walking with Bertha Inky”

conglomeration of different breeds flung together
minimalist verbal sparring

“Water Falling”
Texas summers… were two words ever more hated?
rain fell, but not in Texas
no longer burnt but boiled as humidity swept in

Shenai Rieken-Alonge
“Letting the Dead Bury the Dead”
–not a creative writer, novice, attempt at creative non-fiction

passed away just a pleasant phrase to disguise death
it’s not the place where I had spent so much time in my head
reality refused to cooperate

Debbie J Williams
series of vignettes, absolution

go to the hospital… my family’s default

How did you decide what order to put those vignettes in?
I don’t know how to answer that. Something in each one triggered the next story in my memory. I did cut one piece out that was growing into something unwieldy. I moved it out into my own space.

wrote them in this order
crave absolution from all these people verbally—just look at their actions and see what they are saying

Do you find it easier to craft a vignette? You said one was growing into something unwieldy.
The grief of many of these things is pretty fresh.

“suffer at greater length”

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