Never Quite What I Imagined

When I write a paper, I have a clear sense of where I want to go; however, I usually find that how I get there is different from what I envisioned originally. Sometimes the difference is significant and, I hope, means an improvement. Sometimes the difference is minor and I don’t know if it made any difference that I did it one way versus another.

When I created this project, research in the rhetoric of new media (RrNm), I envisioned a coordinated research project in which I read in large blocks of related materials.

Since theory is usually a bugaboo for me, I actually structured this project to begin with theorists and theories. These ranged from Burke; Bahktin; and Olbrechts-Tyteca to narrative theory; theories of identity, subjectivity, and intersubjectivity; authorship and agency; compositions studies; and design studies.

Originally I made a list of 23 books and articles that the project would include, but not necessarily be limited to. Some of these were grouped by topic and some by ownership (i.e., I already owned them).

male studying computerWhen I started reading, though, I didn’t follow a systematic schedule and –of course– I didn’t start with the theorists. I read whatever caught my interest and connected to the next thing I wanted to know. While that was not a coherent plan, it was a coherent study‚Ķ It organized around the things I was most interested in, which kept me moving through the project.

I am going to be posting some notes on the blog–quotes from sources and my responses to them. Perhaps even a discussion of where those have evolved to or from.

I will also be posting annotated bibliographic entries, composed as I assign my fyc students to write:
reflection on its usefulness/usability
(maybe) quotes (either separately or within the body of the annotation)

steampunk_archive_icon_by_yereverluvinuncleber-d5jsav0All of the RrNm entries will be marked RrNm Ann Bib (even the ones that are not annotated bibs but notes) at the end, which would allow a search to find all the notes and annotations. I will also be using an icon found on DeviantArt by yereverluvinuncleber. His work is also on Pinterest.

This will not be a systematic study, but it will be very focused–sometimes on a single idea and sometimes on a series of related notions. All of them, I believe, impinge on new media and relate to the rhetoric of new media. Some of them are more easily recognized as that than others.

I invite you to follow this journey of discovery that I have decided needs a more public venue than my bookshelf and a more permanent home than the hard drive of my computer.

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