Where I Started: RrNm Pedagogy

Visual Rhetoric Essay in which I discuss my first visual rhetoric assignment and how I led the students through it.

Visual Rhetoric in FYC in which I link to early presentation notes on visual rhetoric.

“Visual Wealth” a TEDTalk by Marian Bantjes, a graphic artist. I noted that the video would be good to show when teaching visual rhetoric.

Visual Design in the Composition Classroom

Thinking about “Kentucky Higher Ed” has some thoughts on higher ed in general and a comment on technology that I follow up with “We do tend to use it to preserve the archaeology of the academic past (Prezis and lectures).” Then I talk about my digital assignments.

Digital Presentation: Commercial Analysis, in which I discuss the commercial analysis for my fyc course.

Digital Versus Print: Is that the Real Issue? in which I respond to Dr. Lee Bessette’s Inside Higher Ed article on Textbook v Digital.

FYC Retrospective 3 talks about visual and digital rhetoric in my classroom.

Utilizing Extant Tech in the Classroom on using cell phones, Tweets, photography, computers, podcasts, and the flipped classroom.

Blogging Pedagogy, which mostly links to the U of Texas website Blogging Pedagogy.

Working Through What it Means to Teach Digital Literacy from way back in 2009 is me trying to figure out what I am doing with new media.

Blogs and New Media in Academic Practice, mostly a description of a different article.

Incorporating New Media while Teaching FYC–an instructor who turned her first-year composition course into a documentary production class.

My own new media experience, put into a single post for job applications.

Advances in Adoption of New Ways of Knowing about how the more things change the more they remain the same. “Augustine marveled, in the year 400, at the sight of Ambrose reading in silenceā€¦”

New Citations Problems discusses the issues of citing Kindle sources.

Digital Presentation: Commercial Analysis are my notes on the first (and successful) attempt to use commercial analysis in the fyc classroom.

Digital Writing: What Counts? #digiwrimo is about my experience in November with digital writing and what exactly I think it means.

Digital Rhetoric is about the Digital Blog Carnival.

Specializations is about the many hats I wear as a professor, including new media experience. It is more a musing piece.

Videos is a link to a piece called What is Video?

Valuing Digital Scholarship talks about the difficulties that digital scholars are encountering.

Working Through What it Means to Teach Digital Literacy is exactly what it sounds like.

Fast and Furious: Blogging for Digital Scholarship notes on not being impressed by “groundbreaking” work.

Digital v Print links to and comments on an article that is discussing the shift from print to digital, both in the academy (the article) and my own personal experience.

Posts I Will Get Around to Reading has links to various posts.

How to Use Twitter as an Academic

Does Technology Unnecessarily Complicate?

Digitally Related links and my notes on them.

Despite the Fact: Blogging Conferences about another saga in the “take my post down.”

“Grading” the Digital School/Life is about tech used in a 7th grade classroom and its implications.

Why You Should Tweet

Conversations with Twitter

Ideas for Developing a Discipline-Specific FYC Course responds to a different article and develops my own ideas.

Notes on Sources from #fycchat

Can Tech Teach? about folks without basic skills.

Live Blogging, my experiences through March 2011.

Beginning to Articulate a Coherent Theory of Why I Integrate Technology Into My Classes

Tech Features Useless if No One Uses Them

Cheating with Phones

Computers and Writing: Some relevant websites and articles

Using Web 2.0 in the English Classroom

Online Course Creation: Resources

Does reading the internet count as reading? and why I think it should.

Blogging Class is a math professor’s course announcement and my thoughts on it. (Casting Out 9’s)

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