Wikis and Document Design

steampunk_archive_icon_by_yereverluvinuncleber-d5jsav0Clark, Thomas and Jeffrey Stewart. “Using Document Design to Create and Maintain Wikis.” Business Communication Quarterly 73 (2010): 453-56.

Despite the argument put forth by Carmon and Okoro, Clark and Stewart say that wikis are becoming a necessary part of business writing. Something companies (and teachers) find valuable is that information on editing is available and previous iterations are maintained (453). Then the article gives ideas for creating wikis, including using similar templates and encouraging precision in titles (454). The article also describes the responsibility of the Wiki managing editor (which is a position students could campaign for). Wikis help business manage knowledge more effectively and could help students learn the principles for designing and editing effective wikis (456).

The article’s ideas are good, but for someone who has no idea about Wikis, there is insufficient detail to really begin to use them in the classroom.

Perhaps I should reconsider the idea of the website/blog posts and learn Wikis and see if those would work for my freshman newbie information site.

RrNm Ann Bib

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