Myths of Poetry

Rebecca Balcárcel taught 9 am classes of literature and composition, introducing poetry to many students who may never seek out an opportunity for engagement with a modern poet.

1. Poetry has to be about rainbows, nice/sweet…

Poets are talking about real experiences, distilling it into a piece of art.

2. Poetry is deliberately difficult. Poets are trying to hide.
When Shakespeare was living, his language wasn’t formal. It wasn’t high. A lot of it was really low, dirty jokes. He was speaking the language of real people of his time. Most poets are using the language of the real people.

3. Poems are not relevant to life.
tries specifically to engage in one of the great questions of life: Why suffering?
relevant to how to live this life, how to cope
Not that the poet knows answers, but the poet explores the question.

4. Poetry is not fun.
envelopes filled with words cut out of magazines
gave one to each student
dump them out
enjoy yourself
see what the words are
one interesting phrase that puts words together in a way that isn’t common, that sounds a little funny

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