It is hard to send off writing of your own, particularly something that you like, because most of the time it will be rejected. What you wrote may not be suitable for the audience, may not match the purpose of this journal issue, may not be situated in the context the editor is expecting. Most of the time, though, the only rejection is a “Thank you, but this does not suit our needs.”

Right now, having just received a rejection for a piece that I thought was very well done, I would say that a rejection is the most difficult. However, thinking back to the desperation that sometimes accompanies revisions to a piece with R&R, I hesitate to make that comment. The requested revision is hopeful because the editors and readers saw the potential that you as the author saw when you began to write it, while a rejection has none of that recognition. An R&R, though, gives you a second chance to fail, as well as a chance to succeed and for some people that is very stressful.

So let me just say that for today, in the situation I am in and my mood and my state of mind, the rejection for a work that was my first foray into a relatively new world for me was difficult. It was a no, though a no with a thank you appended. It was a no, though they recognized impetus of the work within the work.

Rejection is hard to take, whenever and however it enters our lives. I wanted to mark its poignancy here, as I will now endeavor to completely forget that I sent the work in and that it was turned down.

Have I sent anything to X? No, I don’t think so….

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