Visual Rhetoric Assignment(s)

After presenting a particular textbook’s approach to images as a typical essay assignment about reading, rather than creating images (a point he has made a multiplicity of other times within the text), Rice in The Rhetoric of Cool asks,
Why don’t these authors ask students to write their own set of images? (152)

Possible Prompts
Rice suggests possible prompts to use with or instead of the reading image assignment in the book:
“compose with a series of iconic gestures” in a similar way to the ad presented
“critique the ad through your own ad”
“complicate the ad’s ..message by juxtaposing new images which challenge the ad’s stance”
“use the ad’s logic of juxtaposition to create your own series of ads” (152)

wordpress-icon“[A]ssemble iconic imagery into a space like a Web site … in order to construct an argument, present a position, express an idea, or perform any other rhetorical act” (152).

“[A]sk students to compose an autobiographical statement only with visual icons” (152).

For an example he presents the Absolut Vodka ads (which I have seen often in visual rhetoric presentations at PCA and SCMLA).
“These juxtapositions work with familiar icons” (153).
“[S]tudents use them as models in order to construct a series of iconic self-portraits, advertisements for themselves” (153).

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