SCMLA: Game of Thrones

Robert Stanton, South U: Austin
“Excessive and Appropriate Gifts: Hospitality and Violence in Game of Thrones.”

program director of …

given source of Latin word hospice and hostility, hospitality might be taking care of with hostility
works in GoT

given Derrida’s limits, open us… divinity
“altogether other” no ethics without god
divine as source of ethics, and therefore of hospitality

Greeks Xenia and Theoxenia. All strange guests were treated as potential divine.

Rat cook killed guest and served him to father. Gods transformed him into rat which had to eat his rat descendants, while remaining hungry.

Guest right, hospitality laws

Emphasis on food, sharing of salt and bread

If guest right is established and honored and key, why does it fail so often? Why are failures so key?

Thymotic drives (Greek) anger, pride, ambition, courage, determination, desire for dominion, one more
In Martin’s world thymotic drives are still related to familial honor ideals.

So it is where these two cultural beliefs clash.

Red Wedding discussed in detail.
Memorable narrative unity.

Icon of thymotic interpretation = R Stark, denounced and executed.

How do readers use extra textual world? How does it operate?
I was looking for something and found fan maps and Panem and people projecting maps onto North America and asking questions about where and when.
“accessibility relations” between texts and worlds

idea of extra-textual discussion as responsive

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