Research On-going

The paper for RCMF has been sent off. In that case you might be wondering, why are there still posts here?

There are a few reasons.

The first reason, and originally the only reason, is that I had additional notes, which I had failed to put into my computer. I had read the works and I like having the notes all in one place, so TCE works for that for me. (So does Evernote and iCloud and Dropbox, but ever since my hard drive crashed with all my data on it, I am way more concerned with keeping my things in multiple places.)

The second reason is that I have come up with some other ideas for papers related to the topic I was working on.

Thanks, Heather, for the CFP, the accepted abstract, and the opportunity to write the chapter. Hopefully it will be close enough to perfect for some R&R and then publication. Especially, though, I want to say thank you for giving me a way to incorporate another thing I love to do as part of my work–and the possibility for other publications because I now have ideas related to it.

An interesting thing is that for one of the papers I want to write, I may need to learn to program. (That will be an interesting challenge. I’ve been married to a programmer for years and have never felt motivated to learn to program, limiting myself to basic HTML years ago when the apps wouldn’t do it automatically.) One thing is that the paper format I want to be able to do and need to program for is also related to the way I had envisioned doing a digital story four years ago. If I can figure out how to do that, I can do both.

For an example of the kind of “look” to the work I am talking about, you can look at Jesse Schell’s website. Schell is the guy who wrote The Art of Game Design, which has influenced my work in my classroom.

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