DWme: Getting to know folks at college…

Getting to know folks at college can be difficult. If you are living in the dorm, that is the easiest way to get to know people.

This semester, though, I know a lot of you are not in the dorm. How do you get plugged in?

Find something you are interested in doing and join the people who are doing it.

I’m not (and haven’t been) a non-traditional student, but I would love a group for y’all. I am also not (and can’t ever be) a first generation student. I would love a group for y’all too. I don’t think we have either one of those, but I think they might be useful. How does one go about setting that up? Could I make the time to facilitate this? If it got set up, what should it look like?

Of course, just because I think such a group is a good idea doesn’t mean y’all would. Perhaps I should poll folks, after asking around to make sure I haven’t heard of such a group only because I’m not one.

As for me, getting to know folks at school has been difficult. Everyone is already set up with life and their friends and people I adore don’t necessarily adore me. As an introvert I find it hard to make good connections. As a person who moved around a lot and had to make friends quickly, I often inspire dis-ease in the people I would like to get to know. I push too much and then, sometimes I expect, I don’t push when I should for fear of pushing too much.

If you have the answer, let me know.

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