PCA Postcolonial SF

Postcolonial science fiction: genre locations, space utilizations
Jessica Fitzpatrick

The Apex Book of World SF
Breaking the Bow
We See a Different Frontier
traditional use of non-western locations

Aliette de Bodard “voice of a country’s inhabitants”

Fernandes and al-Ayad wanted “stories that neither exoticize nor culturally appropriate the non-western settings and characters in them”

Taps into the genre of colonialism.
SF written by, for, and in locations

Soja, Thirdspace 68
“Combining the real and the imagined, things and thought on equal terms… lived spaces of representation are thus the terrain for the generation of ‘counterspaces,’ spaces of resistance of the dominant order arising precisely from their subordinate, peripheral, or marginalized positioning”

trialectics of spatiality
lived = conceived and perceived
conceived (mental spaces)

lived space contends with talking back to the center
re-inscribing non-Western locations

Proposition 23 by Efe Okogu
Corporations are citizens. AIs would be identified as corporations.
Lagos of the past and Lagos of the future are written out.
Now biggest city in the world and most polluted.
More internet links than Nigerian culture

Lived space of characters
Gangun drums being played.
Bars from colonial to native…

If you lose your brain link or give it up, you are no longer a citizen. Often murdered by the tech as trash.

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