PCA Doctor Who and Narratology

A big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey wimey stuff
Fernando Rodriguez

Personal favorite is when war doctor says “timey wimey, who talks like that?”

baby tardis and Who cutNarratology
Mieke Bal writes about Narratology: An Introduction to the Theory of Narrative
Narratology- theory of narratives, narrative texts, images, spectacles, events, cultural artifacts that tell a story

Fabula = material/content worked into story, arranged = logic of events

Wolfgang Iser “Interaction Between Text and Reader”
Hands Robert Jauss “Literary History”
Mieke Bal “can only be articulate in opposition to that normality”
We don’t just jump the shark. We put a sleigh on it and ride it around the sky.

13 regenerations
War doctor doesn’t follow “The War Doctor”
He’s actually regeneration of 8th doctor.
Going to sisters of Karn. Forced regeneration to bring an end to the Time War.

“The Moment” how he’s going to talk the time war
Who is going to put out a bomb that can judge you?
“The Bad Wolf” Rose destroys leader of Dalek
Rose Tyler… interactions between War Doctor and Moment and Bad Wolf
Opens up a time when 10th and 11th doctor

9Worlds 2014 steampunk who-623510 says don’t cross your own time
11th discovers can rewrite
at end of episode, The War Doctor going to put his hand on bomb, but they say they’re so strong…

all 13 regenerations show up at same time to save Gallifrey

Melody Pond and River Song
introduced in the episode “Silence in the Library”
Dies in the following episode “Forest of the Dead”

Who says “I point and laugh at archaeologists.”
Then next episode sees baby and points and laughs.

She reveals herself to be the Doctor’s wife, but her time stream runs opposite to the Doctor’s.

If watched on a weekly basis, we wouldn’t be able to go back and see how amazing the actor of River Song is.

River Song gets Amy and Rory together, goes to the wedding (in two different time streams). Who says he dances with everyone at wedding, but he doesn’t remember Melody.

River Song’s Time Stream… watch it in River’s timeline.
4.9 “Silence of the Library”
4.10 “Forest of the Dead”

Why was he crying? She told him she was going to die.
“The Madman in the Box” cat pictures
“finally a ginger”

How could we explain how narrative works?
Works like time lord’s corpse works.
Fixed place in time that catalogs life.

Couple RenFair Dr Who“The Doctor’s Wife” written by Neil Gaiman, TARDIS completely out of sync, 24 backgrounds saved,
narrative is like the Doctor, the reader is Sexy
Rory and Amy meet the Tardis, who’s that?
Tardis is a woman. “Did you wish really, really hard?” Hi, I’m Sexy.

Good stuff. Obviously I’m redacting part of my notes. But good stuff here.

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