PCA River Song Writing

Doctor Who River Song Lyricism
Spoilers: The Transgressive Invitations of River Song’s Writing in Doctor Who
Saba Razvi
University of Houston, Victoria
Teach composition and writing

Larger research on stories of characters are told, lyricism
Considers three different series…

Figure of a book included
Women abducted in past.
Retaliatory drama

Narrative of River Song specifically as configured in her diary

River Song is frustrating
Meets doctor on her own terms

Time being written
Gestures being altered to save people
Spaces for uncelebrated individuals

Series manipulates viewer’s understanding of story.

System of writing and written object
How we connect information controls what arises.

Discusses all the myriad of ways River Song writes. As River Song is one of my favorite characters, if not my absolute favorite, I was surprised that I did not think of all the ways she writes (and more) than Saba brought up. Fascinating.

Resisting the narrative that is being imposed onto her.
She’s been saying Hello, sweetie all the time. Then at end says Goodbye, sweetie.

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