Best-Paying Jobs for English Majors, in the career advice section, has an article entitled “Best-Paying Jobs for English Majors.”

10) Technical Writer
Median Salary: $49,100

9) Marketing Communications Manager
Median Salary: $50,500

8) Managing Editor
Median Salary: $53,000

7) Marketing Director
Median Salary: $53,200

6) Human Resources Generalist
Median Salary: $54,000

5) Nonprofit Executive Director
Median Salary: $55,200

4) Web Developer
Median Salary: $58,500

3) Proposal Manager
Median Salary: $65,000

2) IT Project Manager
Median Salary: $67,000

1) Sales Account Manager
Median Salary: $67,300

One of my English majors in my business and professional writing class researched this topic for his long report and we’ve used the handout he constructed in our welcome packages for freshmen and transfer English majors ever since.

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