Creation Song as Fantasy World Building

Speaker: Parker Gordon, Abilene Christian University
“Mythopoeiophony: The Creation Song as Fantasy World Building”

part of larger research is exploring way that lit crit has appropriated musical terms
continue that
mythopoeiophony = song of creation

gravitational waves proved
2 black holes produced sound
kind of like a chirp
chirp rises to a middle C
which proves that there is sound out there in the universe.

Music is a language
As audible music exists as sound, waves, movement.
Movement of universe produces these sounds.
Classical philosophers called this the music of the spheres.

Movement, friction and water = ringing (on glass)

Author as creator (Narnia and God)
Author as sub-creator (Tolkien and fairy tales)

Initial conflict is point where reconciliation can come.
Create a perfect world.

Literary manifestations of music as …
Music’s connection to physical world
Nature evokes sound through motion
“big bang theory” = sound
“God spoke” = sound

Tolkien and Lewis describe worlds as “good” in beginning.
Song as method of creating (rather than depicting creation)
Shows how conflict enters into this perfect world.

Laws of vibration and laws of string theory

from CCTE 2016 Literature 5 Biblical Themes

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