Methods of Work

I was reading Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself, wherein he gives three things you need to know: your strengths, your method of work and your values.

The methods of work were interesting.

Are you a reader or a listener?

Some people respond well to extemporaneous situations, while others need time to prepare. The prepare-people are readers.

As a teacher, I am often asked to be a listener. I joined Toastmasters to help me become better at answering unexpected questions.

How do you learn?

His options were

I think I learn best when I prepare to teach others, but I know that I write to learn (among other options). I am not sure that I totally agree with his options here.

Do you work better alone per with others?

If you work better with others, do you work better as a subordinate or a leader? Or as an equal member of the team? Or as a coach or mentor?

Are you a decision maker or an advisor?

In companies, decision makers are often CEOs and the #2 position is an advisor. That person often won’t make a good CEO, because they aren’t strong in decision making.

Do you work well under stress or do you need a predictable, stable environment?

Good test takers work well under stress.

Do you do better in a big or a small organization?

This one is causing me to reflect quite a bit. I am not completely sure of my answer to that yet.

I plan on using some of this with my business writing students.

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