About Dr. Davis

I am a teacher.

I love to teach and I love to learn.  I learn and then I teach what I have learned.  Feel free to join me in that experience here on my blog.

My teaching experiences:

I have taught college English at two SLACs (small liberal arts colleges)- one inner city and one small town, one of the Big Ten, three community colleges of very different populations, and one small public university.

In addition to that, I have taught a remarkable variety of subjects in some wildly different settings. I was the main teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. I have taught middle school classes on history, apologetics, and creative writing. I have taught high school history, biology, and English. I have homeschooled two sons to college.

My education:

I have a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from Purdue University. My second field was Old English.

My master’s emphasis was on Modern American and Middle English literature.

My undergrad was a dual major in history and English with a minor in biology from Abilene Christian University.

Aside from teaching I have worked at McDonald’s and as a waitress, a bookstore clerk, a tutor, and a secretary for the Spanish-speaking church in French-speaking Geneva.

How this blog can help you

If you are a new college teacher and don’t have a clue, there are lots of them here.  Look around for help with your topic.

If you are a seasoned teacher who has become bored with teaching and your classes, there are ideas here for rejuvenating your teaching.  I find I like teaching more when I am learning.  You may find that works for you as well.

And, serendipitously, if you are a student who has been told to write a character analysis and don’t know how, you will find that on the blog as well.  (Most of my visitors these days seem to be you!)

Scholarly activity includes:

My work has been published in Teaching American Literature, the CEA Forum, Scholarship and Creativity, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, Changing English: An International Journal of English Teaching, Currents in Teaching and Learning, Southwest Journal of Cultures, Taj Mahal Review, and Teaching English in the Two-Year College.

I have a book on Shakespeare’s Romances by Chelsea Publishing.

Upcoming publications include my second book and several reviews, for the Journal of American Culture, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, and the Journal of Popular Romance Studies.

Contact me: drdavis AT teaching college english DOT com This is the blog of Dr. Davis and no one else. If you have a question or concern, feel free to contact me.
Email disclosure notice, linked to this page on 4/28/2011.

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