Finals: Be There

Finals for college fall semesters were this week, also next week for some folks.

I gave my final at the usual class time, since mine is a weekend class. I brought doughnuts. They’re not very nutritious, but the sugar rush can help you when you’re needing to concentrate. (Think I read about that on Reuter’s this week. Schools doing poorly on state testing were giving better breakfasts and lunches on testing days because it helped and they needed all the help they could get.)

Our room got moved, since they had ACT testing that weekend too. But I was there early and there were clear signs about where to come.

Two of my students got there about 15 minutes late. One came strolling in half an hour late. (I’d called them all at home on my cell phone but couldn’t reach them. I wanted to make sure they hadn’t overslept.)

It’s rude to come to class late. It’s rude to come to a test late.

It’s also not too smart. Tests are timed and sometimes you need all the time you can get. How much brain power does it take to figure that out?

It also irritates the teacher. That’s something like irritating your boss on the job. It’s just poor planning.