Teaching sociology students

One of the things I do is teach sociology students.  So I was interested in a post by one of my regular blog reads entitled “Sociology: An Evil ‘Science’.”

It starts with an interesting premise “I’ve returned to the university as an online student after a 33-year absence from academia.” Since I’ve been thinking more about online teaching (and will be taking a class in order to be an online teacher), I was very interested in that for reasons other than sociology.

But his discussion of sociology was interesting too.

Sociology is less of a “science” than a cult, or even a belief system that has underlying assumptions, such as the assumption that “the system,” particularly the capitalist variety, is inherently unfair, and that our society is replete with victims who are being treated unfairly, i.e. various racial groups, feminism etc.

It is an interesting discussion and a description I have not come across in academia before. I wonder how many of my sociology students would agree with it.

Then it goes into why sociology is evil.